Life is Like a Crunchy Taco

Life is like a crunchy taco. It can be regular with little effort, or supreme if you chip in a little more. It’s messy, and sometimes things you really wanted fall away, but usually that’s OK because you didn’t have room for them anyway. It’s hard for everyone, but it can be wonderful if you fill it with the right things. And not everyone will want the fillings you pick, but that’s OK because it’s YOUR taco.

Sometimes jerks will come along and smash your taco, but that’s fine, cause now you’ve got nachos and they have messy hands. Sometimes you must live with a broader scope to appreciate everything this taco life can offer, in which case you make your shell bigger and add all sorts of flavors and your life is then a taco salad. Sometimes your taco life may not seem like enough, and you must indulge in a chocotaco, which is OK every once in a while.

You can settle for a Taco Bell life, or you can find the real thing. (Unless your life is like a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Then, may Taco have mercy on your guacasoule.)

- – - April Pells